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Centre for Computers and Law (ARI), University of Vienna

The interdisciplinary Centre for Computers and Law of the University of Vienna (ARI, Arbeitsgruppe Rechtsinformatik) looks back at 20 years of teaching and research and is considered as one of the top 10 centres worldwide in this field. It is one of the few centres of computers and law with a strong focus in the technology of legal applications (e.g. legal information systems, automation of law, legal ontologies, etc.) and maintains one of the strongest interdisciplinary networks in Vienna and world-wide. Its co-organised conference IRIS (Internationales Rechtsinformatik Symposion) is the largest event in Europe in legal informatics with an interdisciplinary focus on theory, practice & ideas.

In recent years, research on data protection and surveillance has been intensified with the participation in many European projects (the FP7 projects SMART and RESPECT and the EU funded projects CARE and LOIS) and Austrian projects (presently eParticipation, DIANGO, AGETOR etc.). Electronic identities are the primary focus in the project eParticipation and have been a core part of the interdisciplinary research project on robotics (coordinator: Europäische Akademie für Technikfolgenabschätzung). Major research topics of the group leader since the very beginning had been: KONTERM projects 1991-2001 (multilingual search and textual analysis of materials on customary international law), LOIS (lexical ontologies), DynElC (Dynamic Electronic Commentary), Austrian legal thesaurus etc. A milestone on this research was the book on legal knowledge representation (published in 1999 by Kluwer Law International, in German by Springer). A strong interdisciplinary co-operation exists with the Faculty of Informatics and the Centre for Translation Studies of the University Vienna, the Faculty of Informatics of the Vienna University of Technology and the Graz University of Technology as well as to Research Institutes related to them. The Centre uses its strong international network to recruit experts for its research projects.

Prof. Erich Schweighofer

Erich Schweighofer is Professor of Legal Informatics, International Law and European Law and Head of the Centre for Computers and Law at the University of Vienna. He has more than twenty years of experience of funded research in legal informatics. He holds degrees in law, informatics, economics and international relations. His technical background includes all aspects of law in the knowledge society, in particular legal retrieval systems, legal ontologies, semiautomatic text analysis and document categorisation, digital forensic, digital signatures etc. He was head or local co-ordinator of many research projects. As a lawyer, Professor Schweighofer is an expert in IT law, international law and European law with a long-standing practice in the European Commission. He is recognised as an expert in international and European governance, Austrian and European IT law with a strong focus on theoretical aspects (e-person, e-transaction, regulation in cyberspace). Among others he is Chairman of the legal informatics groups in Germany (GI Gesellschaft für Informatik, following Herbert Fiedler) and Austria (OCG Austrian Computer Society, following A Min Tjoa).

Mr. Walter Hötzendorfer

Walter Hötzendorfer is Researcher at the University of Vienna Centre for Computers and Law where he currently works on national research projects and Managing Director of the Vienna Centre for Legal Informatics and Co-Chair of the Austrian Computer Society’s OCG Forum Privacy. He has studied law at the University of Vienna and the University of Sheffield and he holds a BSc and an MSc in business informatics (information systems) from the Vienna University of Technology. He acquired know-how in IT and project management during several software engineering projects at different organisations and companies. Walter Hötzendorfer is currently doing a PhD in Law at the University of Vienna Centre for Computers and Law on digital identity and identity federation with a focus on privacy. His research interests span privacy law and information security, digital identity, cloud computing and the legal aspects of these and other fields of IT. Since 2011 Walter Hötzendorfer is involved in a series of private-sector-driven projects aiming to develop an identity federation model and platform for Austrian enterprises, the WPV (Wirtschaftsportalverbund). Major achievements of these efforts include a Privacy Enhanced FIM model that ensures unlinkability, unobservability and end-to-end encryption of attributes.

Mr. Janos Böszörmenyi

Janos Böszörmenyi is Researcher at the University of Vienna Centre for Computers and Law, where he worked on the FP7 project RESPECT and is currently involved in two Austrian funded projects. He is on the Advisory Board of Kluwerlawonline and is Treasurer of the Vienna Centre for Legal Informatics (WZRI). Janos Böszörmenyi worked at the Austrian Foreign Ministry, several Austrian courts and the European Parliament in Brussels. He studied law at the University of Vienna and the University of Geneva. He is in the process to commence a PhD in Law at the University of Vienna.

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