Summer School on European Policy-Making, Brussels/Vienna

Institute for European Studies, Vrje Universiteit Brussel 

Universität Wien, Institut für Europarecht, Internationales Recht und Rechtsvergleichung (Prof. DDr. Erich Schweighofer) + Institut für europäische Integrationsforschung (Prof. Dr. Gerda Falkner) 

Diplomatische Akademie Wien / Vienna School of International Studies 

Monday 2 - Friday 13 July 2018, Brussels/Vienna 

Explore both the old and the new centre of Diplomacy in Europe with this summer school. The intensive two-week programme is held one week in Brussels and one week in Vienna from Monday 2nd to Friday 13th July 2018. The Institute for European Studies joins forces with the Diplomatic Academy of Vienna and the University of Vienna to bring you this ‘crash course’ in European Union Policy Making. 

Packed with interactive seminars and study visits, this summer programme attracts students and young professionals who wish to broaden their knowledge of the European institutions, European law and the European decision-making process in general. 

The first week of the summer school takes place in Brussels and reviews the main EU institutions and decision-making procedures, while theoretically exploring questions of governance, participation and legitimacy. During the second week students learn more about EU foreign relations, while enjoying the beautiful city of Vienna. 

Each year, the programme focusses on one current policy issue. In 2018, Brexit will be in the spotlight, as we will invite experts to shed light on the consequences of the UK’s departure from the EU. Students will take active part through the production of a news item on Brexit. 

The Summer School corresponds to 5 ECTS. It is also part of the Postgraduate Certificate in EU Policy Making. This certificate is equivalent to 25 ECTS credits and provides an even better insight in the different EU policy areas. 

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